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Black Panda - LoliQue 2 Pure White (partial English)
LoliQue 2 Pure White Artist/Circle: BLACK PANDA Language: partial English
Acerola - Treasure Hunter Claire (eng/uncen)
Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/07/20 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, ADV, Magical Girl, Knight, Monsters, Stockings, Exposure, Big Breasts, Group Sex, Interspecies Sex, Battlefuck Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: picacerola & picKagura
Winged Cloud - Sakura MMO (eng/uncen)
Developer/Publisher: Winged Cloud Updated: 15/10/2018 Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Tentacles, Voiced, Uncensored Dive into the magical world of Asaph Online in this visual novel, where Kotone is a feared dark witch
Mijiishi - Amour Maho Academy / Amor Magic Academy (eng)
[RPG] [ENG] アモル魔法学園 / Amour Maho Academy / Amor Magic Academy [2.0] (みじいし / Mijiishi) Year of release: 2016 Release Date: 2016/06/30 Genre: Younger Sister, School, Orgy Sex, Anal, Oral, Mindbreak Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Mijiishi
Aphrodite - Vibohazard - Resident Dildo (eng)
Contents [R-18 Zombie RPG] An unanticipated disaster at the biolab. The explosion is traced to the DNA room. Deadly, potent fumes spread. Those fumes infect three female lab assistants... Current biological status: unknown. Alive but changed. Some
Paiko House - Safi’s Ecchi Adventure (eng)
Updated: July/28/2013 Developer/Publisher: Paiko House Censorship: Yes Version: 1.00 OS: Windows/PC Language: English Overview: Safi is an adventurer of the fledgling For a friend that was injured, is a story to go in search of flowers of sympathy.
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Updated: 15/10/2018 Censorship: None Version: 0.02a OS: Windows Language: English Set in the year 2200, you play the part of Melinda, a 25 year old woman with the ability to analyze and deconstruct a situation like
Artist - Potchi
Brainwashing tentacles (eng)
Artist/Circle: かぐら堂 Language: English
3d-lotus - Real-time 3D total violation fantasy SKUNK2 Half-elf & mage edition (eng)
リアルタイム3D徹底陵辱ファンタジー「SKUNK2」ハーフエルフ&メイジ編 Circle: 3d-lotus.com Release: Sep/15/2009 Genre: Tsundere, Fantasy, Restraint, Rape, Tentacle, Nekomimi (Cat Ears) Note: This game might not work on Windows 10 A den of monsters on a secluded island in the
Pervy Fantasy Productions - The Last Demonhunter Remastered - Version 0.78
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ You are a young wannabe demonhunter heading into the world to find your missing sister, obstructed by a lot of monstergirls and tentaclecock, trying to avoid being turned into a monstergirl yourself, or a sex slave of
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Succubus Tales chapter 1 Niccis Revenge v0.8a You will play as Nicci, a powerful succubus, who, after being betrayed by her "boss", an even more powerful Demon Lord, is forced to fight a group of exorcist. After the
Windwave - Knightess Layla - The Humiliating Life of a Seed Bed (eng/cen)
Knightess Layla -The Humiliating Life of a Seed Bed- / 女騎士ライラ 屈辱の苗床生活 Year of release: 2017 Release Date: 2017/09/30 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female heroine, Knight, Coercion, Violation, Restraint, Captivity, Monsters, Tentacles, Interspecies Sex,
Yaminabedaiichikantai - Magical Girl Sarah Her Dark Skin Clouded White With Cum (eng)
Magical Girl Sarah ~Her Dark Skin Clouded White With Cum~ / 魔法少女サラ 白濁に染まる褐色の肌 Year of release: 2017 Release Date: 2017/08/05 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female Heroine, Magical Girl, Tanned Skin / Suntan, Elf, Small Tits / DFC, Restraint, Captivity,
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Overview: So the game starts out in one of 5 ways of your choice, eventually you end up in a small town and go on a quest to prevent some evil being. You can choose your gender and there are some exclusive scenes for
Dystopia Story - Flying Princess - Inter Breed (eng)
トビ姫 – Inter Breed – Circle: Dystopia Story Release: Jun/17/2015 Translator: ban10 Genre: Female Heroine Only, Clothes Changing, Dot/Pixel, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Fantasy, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Female Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Tentacles,
Artist - Crescentia
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