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Tar - Tereritoria (eng)
Work content It is a simple RPG aimed at defeating the boss lurking in the dungeon while collecting items. Touching a wandering monster will result in a battle, and when defeated the illustration will be displayed. There are seven types of monsters
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AODAMO - PRINCESS OF LUST 17 pages | 133 megabytes
Category: 3D
Artist - Kibazoku
Taboolicious - Almastriga Build 10
Overview: Take control of big breasted mannequin as you battle dastardly evil monsters with your spear of justice through a dungeon of madness in this one stage tech demo! (No actual overview yet since it is so early in development) Build NOTES:
Butagoma 300g - Drop Factory Ver.1.29 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ There was a family on the farm, then my parents took 3,000,000 in debt and huddled together. Now the debt hangs on the girl. Debtors do not rush. Develop a farm - get money - pay the debt. On the farm you can grow
DarkStorm - ENslaveD Elf (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Arwen the elf girl was captured by an ogre. The day has come to escape.
Cmacleod42 - Slave Maker 3 - Version 3.5.01
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ This is my revision of the flash game 'SlaveMaker' released some time ago. My apologies to the original author there was no way to contact him to get approval for this version. I very much enjoyed it but found some
Reclaim Reality Version 0.02c Test Build by HentaiWriter
Overview: Set in the year 2200, you play the part of Melinda, a 25 year old woman with the ability to analyze and deconstruct a situation like nobody's business. Unfortunately, all the intellectual ability in the world won't matter if your brain
[English] Mikotoshi-dou - Rain's Rave - The Girl Who Writhes Among Tentacles (eng)
Rain's Rave ~The Girl Who Writhes Among Tentacles~ Rain's Rave ~触手の中で悶える少女~ Year of release: 2015 Release Date: 2015/07/21 Date Updated: 2016/02/04 Genre: jRPG, ADV, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Combat, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Oral, Anal,
Souzai-soft - Rina and the Wishing Crystal (eng)
A classic top-down pixel RPG. Rina goes in search of the Wishing Crystal within the dungeons of a town. Her hope is to wish back her missing mother, or at least find out where she went...... Features * CG appreciation mode * Bug log, message skip *
Searothonc - Virgin’s Protection Magic v1.1.4 (eng)
Magic Protects Her Purity Year of release: 2015 Release Date: 2015/09/18 Genre: jRPG, Animation, Female protagonist, Virgin, Fantasy, Big tits / Big breasts, Clothes Changing, Violation, Rape, Tentacles, Creampie, Blowjob, Anal, Magic Censorship:
Ross - A Song of Elfpai and Tentacles (eng)
A Song of Elfpai and Tentacles Artist/Circle: Ross Language: English Contents Big Breasted Elf x XXX Tentacles x Action RPG! * This is the original game. The sequel has also been released!
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