Pin-Point - In the House of Despicable Family - Completed ENG
Visit Arata Asaoka lives with his despicable, chauvinist father and older brother. A house of three men. Arata was an illegitimate child. Bearing only a tenuous blood relation to the man who bastarded him into the world, he
Visit Overview: We get to follow along with many characters along the main story plus multiple side stories as well. So whats it about you ask, Without giving away to much and spoiling the story for some. A small
Visit Overview: Hi guys, this NURD an adult visual novel with choices that influence game play (Is NURD familiar to you? This game is inspired from the JAB comic :p). I believe that simple games with funny stories, lots of
Impure - Sarah's life - Version 0.8 Fix
Visit Sarah, the protagonist of this game is a married woman. Sarah and Steve (her husband) have been together ever since college. They got married five years ago, and are living a happy life. Sarah is 25 years old, in the
TechnoBrake - Nymphomania Paradox 1.10 Final Eng/Jap
Visit Ruriko Saionji is a real noble girl who attends to "Sei Man Kou Academy", an extraordinarily prestigious women's school. Her clean and neat appearance, smart manners and outstanding performance on both study and
Visit Changelog: - 1 Love event for Nicole (with many options), repeatable - 1 Love event for Alexis (with many options), repeatable - 1 Corruption event for Nicole, repeatable - 1 new event at the weekend, also repeatable
Culture Shock Version 0.50 Bugfix+Incest Patch by King of lust
Overview: in this game, you play as a boy who is not too smart not too strong but in this coming day's everything gets change and you gets many opportunity to have fun with the girls that you will meet at the trip. but be aware you will find many
Treasure Hunter Mai v9 by Doujin Circle Gyu! (Eng)
Visit She found the old map at a used book store. A map to a legendary treasure hidden by the great treasure hunter Leonard Puwall... in an entirely different dimension. Perky hunter Mai Takarada, her friend Kenichi, and
Inceton - Black&White Photoshoot - Completed
Visit A married couple gets in an "awkward position" during a photoshoot in their home.
Greebo - Keepin' It In The Family: Dysfunctional Family - Day 4
Visit In the game you play yourself (You name your own character), alongside your family, and many other characters included in the game. Your character is currently a student, and in your spare time you decide to hang out
Wifey's Dilemma Version 0.13 by 3Diddly
Overview: The main character is you! You've befriended an Asian girl in her early 20s who has studied in the US since she was in high school, but was unable to get her green card. Over the years, you've become good friends, and she has asked to be
Parallel Fantasy If+ v2.2d by CircleKAME (Eng)
Visit The protagonist (name customizable) is a Scholar in an adventuring world who solves various problems while teaching at a school... The third work of the Parallel Fantasy series by the CircleKAME who also made the
Bully Chapter 2 by Jobeo
Overview: You're engaged to the love of your life, Tiffany. You live with your Mom and Sister (who are blood related, not some step bullshit). Tiff has taken a keen interest in a new club at school, the BNWO (black new world order). Their world
ONEONE1 - Dark Elf Historia v1.01 + Walkthrough (Eng/uncen)
Visit * Diverse partners & situations for "the first time" Human or monster, effusive romance or heartless violation, how and to whom you lose your virginity can happen in many ways. Will it be a traumatic interspecies
Pizzacatmx - Maids Perfect - Version 1.0a Completed (Eng)
Visit You've recently inherited your late uncle's fortune, including a large mansion. But upon arrival, you relies that the maids there aren't normal, your uncle had some crazy plans to create an ideal maid, which he called
Monoeye - Inn My Wife v1.01 (Eng)
Visit A husband and wife runs an inn. While they struggle with business debts, two visitors come calling. "We'll pay to sleep with your wife," they say. First the couple is shocked, then resolved. If it will help their
InInceton - Corrupting Jennifer - Version 0.7 Full Win/Mac
Visit Mac Download from (452.37 MB) Download from (452.37 MB) Download from (452.37 MB) Jennifer is a 24-year old girl living in New York with her fiance Mark. They just moved into a new
Impure - Sarah's Adventures - Episode 1 Completed
Visit This is a mini project, seems he will be releasing episodes with different fetishes.
BeWilder - Noemi's Toscana Rebirth - Version 0.3 Fight Back + Walkthrough​
Visit Walkthrough​ Download from (368.30 KB) Download from (368.30 KB) Download from (368.30 KB) Our heroine Noemi (call her Noe, everyone else does) is the only child of an Italian
Visit Overview: Years have passed.. Things have changed.. After a surprising call from your twin sister, you decide to head home to see what the hell is going on. And you certainly didn't expect that.​
Birdcage - To H... Tamani's Hentai Adventure (eng)
Updated: March 2014 Censorship: Yes Version: Final Developer: 鳥籠 Platform: PC / Windows Language: English Translated Genre: Netorare, Switch protagonists, big boobs, Vanilla sex, Internal cumming Hero who played a married he was a childhood friend.
Jessica O'Neil's Hard News Version 0.10 Beta by StoperArt
Overview: The game about a 25 years old woman, Jessica O’Neil, trying to make a career as an investigative journalist at a newspaper. After working for a local TV channel for a couple of years, she wants to dive into the deep waters and make an
DSeductionGames - The Things We Do For Love - Chapte 1 - Version 1.0 + Incest Patch Win/Mac
Visit Mac Download from (443.93 MB) Download from (443.93 MB) Download from (443.93 MB) Incest Patch Download from (21.72 KB) Download from (21.72 KB) Download from
Visit Overview: in this game, you play as a boy who is not too smart not too strong but in this coming day's everything gets change and you gets many opportunity to have fun with the girls that you will meet at the trip.
Elle-murakami - Netorare Oku-sama wa Shojo Kousei - Ryakudatsukan (eng)
Netorare Oku-sama wa Shojo Kousei ~Ryakudatsukan~ 寝取られ奥様は処女校生~略奪姦~ Censorship : Cen Genre : Female Protagonist, Blackmail, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, NTR, Multiple Endings, Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Contents
Visit NFO Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: Heaven Studios Platform: PC / Windows Language: English Description: An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks
Jbgames - Innocence Lost - Version 2.25
Visit Innocence Lost is a reality based adult RPGMAKER game that focuses on telling an immersive story about a girl who has to battle temptation as her brother's friend makes it his sole purpose to corrupt her. It will also
Visit Overview: (You are an Enginner and you live with Laura. Your seual life become dull and you really want to spice it up. She is open minded. And open for almost evertyhing.)​
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