Fox Muffler - Forbidden Town v.04-10-2018 (eng/jap)
* Can toggle language (Japanese / English) in the Options menu. Circle: Fox Muffler Release: Sep/28/2018 Genre: Moe, Restraint, Rape, 3D Game, Female Protagonist, BDSM, Rape, Lesbian, Shooter, Rape, Combat, Graphical Violence —-!—-!—-!—-!—-!—-!—-!
SmomoGameX - Nana’s Holiday v1.21 (eng)
Updated: Jun/11/2018 Developer/Publisher: SmomoGameX Censorship: Yes Version: 1.21 OS: Windows, Mac, and Android Language: English, Chinese, and Japanese Overview: It’s a holiday, why don’t you do some XXX things? Or, would you like to… Eat banana?
CatBellUnion - NekoHiroiMasita (jap/eng/chi)
ねこメイドひろいました! Circle: CatBellUnion Release: Sep/01/2018 Genre: Moe, Girl, Animalize, Maid, Roommate, Nekomimi (Cat Ears) English is probably a machine translated You pick up a cat maid to live together and have physical intimacies in this mini-game.
SmomoGameX - Ero Pussy Sensei - Little Sister In Cage
Ero P*ssy Sensei ~Little Sister In Cage / エロま○こ先生〜妹飼育 Year of manufacture: 2017 Release date: 2017/07/22 Genre: SLG, Animation, Moe, Healing, Dot / Pixel, Anime, Sister, Oral, Straight Censorship: Partially present Developer / Publisher: SmomoGameX
nyaatrap Demon Master Chris + Android Version  Uncen Eng and Rus for Choise
Demon Master Chris / デーモンマスタークリス Year: 2013 Release date: 2015/9/28 Genre: jRPG, VN, Moe, Cosplay, Magic, Yuri / Girls Love, Lesbian, Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: nyaatrap Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android Publication Type:
Nyaatrap -  Demon Master Chris [1.10] (nyaatrap) [uncen] [eng]
Year of release: 2013 Date of release: 2013/10/31 Genre: jRPG, 3D, Moe, Cosplay, Magic, Yuri/Girls Love, Lesbian, Violation Censorship: To is Absent/eat a patch for removal Developer/publisher: nyaatrap Platform: PC/Windows Edition type: License
E-ohkoku -  Android Abigail [1.30] (e-ohkoku) [cen] [eng]
Year of release: 2011 Date of release: 2011/12/19 Genre: Animation, Flash, Simulation, Touch, Peeping, Moe, Older Sister, Shrine Maiden, Nurse Censorship: Is present Developer/publisher: e-ohkoku (エロエロ王国) Platform: Android2.2 [Smartphone] + Edition