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Impure - Sarah's life - Version 0.8 Fix
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Sarah, the protagonist of this game is a married woman. Sarah and Steve (her husband) have been together ever since college. They got married five years ago, and are living a happy life. Sarah is 25 years old, in the
Dieselmine - Elyse the Devil Completed + Uncensored Patch (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Patch Download from florenfile.com (232.61 MB) Download from k2s.cc (232.61 MB) Download from rapidgator.net (232.61 MB) A beautiful demon queen, on a quest to defeat the hero!? She was as proud as ever. But she had
AuroraSoft - Neckless knight Mond was traped for meat slave purpose (jap)
Neckless knight Mond was traped for meat slave purpose / 気高く清純なモン娘騎士が肉奴隷目的で罠にハメられた Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/06/30 Genre: ADV, Animation, Fantasy, Female Heroine, Knight, Monster Girl, Monsters, Tentacles, Big Tits / Big Breasts,
Happypink - The Everything Investigator Girl (eng)
なんでも調査少女RPG / The Everything Investigator Girl The game is possible in Japanese, check write in the comments! Release Date: 2016/07/09 Genre: jRPG, Female Heroine, Student, Giant Tits, Oral, Titsjob, Nipple Fuck, Anal, Group, Rape Censorship: Yes
ONEONE1 - The Heiress (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Alice, daughter of the noble Dietrich, her life of aristocracy comes to an end after her father died for some reason. All that was once magnificent is now gone, over a hundred servants were dismissed, mansion sold,
Buried Rabbit - Nether Storm: Celine v.1.0 (eng/spa/jap)
Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/05/16 Genre: Action, 3DCG, RPG, Mystic, Female Heroine, Mature, Pantyhose, Monsters, Insterspecies, Masturbation, Rape, Consensual, Creampie, Blowjob Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Buried Rabbit
Under Hill - Silent City (jap)
Year of release: 2018 Date Updated: 2018/10/03 Genre: jRPG, Animation, Action, ADV, Horror, Monsters, Female Heroine, Big Tits, Harassment, Rape, Creampie, Blowjob, Titsjob, Tentacles Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: UNDER HILL Platform: PC /
Yojyohan Toshi - Our Farm Is 300 Acres (jap)
Our Farm Is 300 Acres! / うちの牧場は300エーカー! Year of release: 2018 Date Updated: 2018/09/21 Genre: jRPG, Western, Female Heroine, Ashamed, Harassment, Rape, Humiliation, Corruption, Prostitution, Consensual, Titsjob, Group, Creampie Censorship: Yes
Pasture Soft - Sougetsu Ninja -Kikyou ENG JAP
Sougetsu Ninja -Kikyou- / 蒼月忍法帖 桔梗の章 Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/10/26 Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Pasture Soft (パ ス チ ャ ー ソ フ ト) Platform: PC / Windows Edition type: Original (license) Tabletka: Not Required Version: 1.0
Nowloading - Hero-sama Is My Wife (jap)
勇者様は俺の嫁っ! / Hero-sama Is My Wife! Release Date: 2016/09/13 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Comedy, Female Heroine, Virgin, Blowjob, Straight, Rape, BDSM, Maid, Pee Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: nowloading (■■■ □□ NOWLOADING) Platform: PC /
Aeroid by MKBN2 (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Walking around the building of the machine. Kill an enemy with a gun. Game over illustration 5 sheets x difference 6 sheets You can remove the eyeglasses.
ONEONE1 - Dark Elf Historia v1.01 + Walkthrough (Eng/uncen)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ * Diverse partners & situations for "the first time" Human or monster, effusive romance or heartless violation, how and to whom you lose your virginity can happen in many ways. Will it be a traumatic interspecies
Doushin Chaya - Noja Lolikko - Lil Kohaku's Search for a Husband v1.1.2 (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ In the far, far east there was a secret land of kitsune. The princess of the kitsunes was Kohaku, and she was pouting. "Is there no man suitable to marry such as I?" She chose to go out and find a husband firsthand.
Tori kago - Mischief War~ Little Island Legend v1.03 Compl. (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ A hero family who moved to a small isolated island due to the work of her husband. The main character (wife) who was also teaching at main island decided to teach at only one school on this remote island. But, there
LOLOL - Nekomimi Nyanderful ~The Nyanventure of a Cool Maid~ v2.0 (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ When she was young, Sakura was orphaned by her mother. Raised by her grandfather, she repaid his kindness and earned her keep as a maid, happy and wanting for no lack... ... but she wondered about the reason for her
HappyPink - The Everything Investigator Girl (Eng)
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Shirabe Kumanari-chan is endlessly inquisitive! She loves puzzles and challenges and mysteries. Give her something, anything, and she'll solve it. even when lewd things get in her way!
Monoeye - Prostitute of Magmell v1.10 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Life changed when her father died. Claire was dumped into the street where she turned tricks for money. Once a noble daughter, now a whore, through bitter tears and degradation she dreamed of somehow taking her life
Dorgel  - DARK SPHERE - Dark Elf and Labyrinth Land v1.10 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Things often end in tears for dark elf Rifuse, girl swordfighter. Danger strikes from all directions! Brave the kingdom's dark labyrinth and all its traps and tricks. her tiny body is a beacon for lewdness!
Tsukudaninosato - Devoted Knight Kuon Records of Lewdness RPG v1.01 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ If Kuon the knight uses her "power", captured princess Tia becomes obscene!? But if Kuon is defeated bad things happen too! Can Kuon rescue the princess without using her power?
TechnoBrake - The Tower of Wisdom and Stupidity v1.0 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ It is said that the philosophers stone rests in this tower... An impregnable tower, that not one adventurer has yet to conquer. Over time, the tower became a symbol of stupidity... and it's challengers fools... Even
SweetRaspberry - Syndrome Of Death v1.01 (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ The protagonist Rise Hisakata is a highschool girl. When she comes back from a school field trip... her home town had become a zombie wasteland. In order to avenge her father, wielding a gun and sword Rise begins her
Scorpion - Princess Quest - Version 1.0 Completed (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Guide the Princess on her mission through the land of Albia. She must defeat the Fire Wizard and reverse his spell to awaken Fire Mountain. She must win the 7 jewels of Albia, which will give her the power of the
Coolsister - Vera’s Region Tour Diary (eng)
Vera's Region Tour Diary / ヴェラの地方漫遊記 Year of release: 2016 Release Date: 2016/02/09 Genre: jRPG, Female Heroine, Only Breasts, Warrior Fantasy, Tentacles, Virgin Female, Straight, Blowjob Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: coolsister Platform:
Crotch - That Life - The Rural Survival RPG (Eng)
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Naoko Enjoji was raised in a home of wealth and luxury. Suddenly, she was uprooted by a condition for her schooling: "The mistress will experience life in my hometown." So began Naoko's life of survival in the
One person online - Abyss a different world of girl (eng)
Abyss -異世界の少女- / Abyss - a different world of girl Year of release: 2015 Release Date: 2015/10/26 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female Heroine, Rape, Monsters, Coercion / Compulsion, Gangbang / Group, Virgin, Cosplay Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher:
SakuraGame - Dragon Knight - Completed
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ This a rogue-like 2D ARPG with an amazing storyline. You act as Sue, along with the Dark Knight, slay dragons to get stronger in the process. You'll encounter many a man during your journey to invincible, some could
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