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Tettei Anal Chiiku ~Kocchi ga, Kimochi Yosugite v.1.0.0 by Appetite jap
Portable Repack. Just extract and run with Japanese Locale.
The Five Blissful Lusts v.1.0.0 by Etching Edge
Yuuka worries... not about the society following a pass to collapse... nor her own powerlessness... but overflowing desire and horniness coming from within her mind!
Kango Shichauzo 2 - Is The Sorority House Burning v.final by Trabulance eng
Eiji is a priest at a catholic school for young nurses. Well, he's not really a priest -- while traveling in Europe, he learned how easy it was to impersonate the clergy and what fun it could be. Ever since those days, he's enjoyed the unique life
Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow v.Final  by Liar Soft eng
The year is 1905 in the capital of the British Empire, the Engine City London, where the air is so thick with smoke that a mere glimpse of the blue sky is considered a miracle. The protagonist, Mary Clarissa Christie is a girl living by herself
Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic
Behind the Walls v. S01E01 by  LStudio eng
Have you ever wandered through a town and thought to yourself, what kind of history do each one of these buildings hide? They witnessed ups and downs, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, adultery and values. If only these walls could talk,
Seduction Endurance RPG - Love Paradise by 7 Roads 1 Taste
Takumi had never dated a girl and was living a boring student life, when suddenly a trial is forced upon him by a girl who appeared in his dreams. The challenge is to "not be led astray by the allures of primal and physical instinct, and to prove
Fluorite v. Final  by Orange Piece
Lelia is on a ship to Rulteria to live together with her boyfriend, Alan. As she solely steps foot on Rulteria, she happens to scratch the cursed statue and ends up falling under its curse called the curse of lust. The curse drives her to get
Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard Girl v.Final by Pin-Point eng
Kaoru was a stalwart young man dedicated to zest, justice, passion and awesomeness... He defended the weak and challenged the strong and hated villains. One day while trying to save a child from the street, he was struck by a vehicle... And woke up
RPG of the Strip-off Artist in Arena by MishiroSabi jap
Sneaking into a lawless underground arena, you, a skillful thief, are captured by the arena's mistress named Hequisa. Now you have to answer her asking the way you become a masked fighter and strip female challengers off to rave it up with the
The Girls in My Guild by Slime Special
The overzealous and somewhat daft Allen. The pretending-to-be-cool loser Ryute. This is the story of these two guild masters, the girls that are in their guilds and their path to glory. To become the ultimate guild of the kingdom! Conspiracies,
SimGirl [ v1.5 ] [ SimGirl ]
Overview: (Simulation life of a girl with the ability to lead and the righteous way of life and dissolute.You decide what will be the style of play, I have forced to do anything, I’m just giving opportunities and their implementation entirely on
Welcome to a science-fiction universe for adults. A super-massive black-hole is continuously expanding in the center of a universe on the verge of collapse. Entire civilizations have been destroyed, others have escaped... for a while. No one is
Fantasy Erotic - Seduced By An Angel
Fantasy Erotic - Seduced By An Angel