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Uncensored Version Do M Otoko Tantei ga Iku Katte ni Ittara Oshioki yo [ Ume Soft ] Eng Version
The story so far: Our pathetic, lazy hero and his childhood friend Satomi, as beautiful as she is brilliant. He lives his days in a hardboiled fantasy, playing at being a detective while barely managing to make ends meet. She’s attending a top university and looking after him by acting as his reluctant partner. Never quite managing to make it past
Slice of Venture [ vers 101 ] [ Blue Axolotl ] Eng
Follow Yuki & Ayame new trip at the farm in this sequel of Vitamin Plus! / Classic Content / – Enjoy new design – All the family members have been reworked with a new chara design. – Meet new people as well as old friends – 3 new characters to meet with their own design, faces (and even scenes, for the girls). Find some of Vitamin Plus secondary
Kozukuri Youkai H Henka Uncensored [ MangaGamer ] English
I am a genius exorcist whose job is the cleansing of demons. That’s not something that can be revealed to the outside world, though, so no one knows about it. With the spread of civilization, demons have been reduced in size, and are about as dangerous as bugs, but I have containers in which I can collect them… because I have been disgraced! She,
M Games - Kurea Bitch Project Rpg
Adventuring girl "Kurea" is a debt slave trying to buy her way back to freedom. Help her collect money by any means: kill enemies, find and sell items, or prostitute her. There's a high degree of freedom to this game. Naturally there will be lots of sex on her road to redemption. Or will she become an even bigger sex slave...?
Adults Hobby - Knights of the Phantasm English Vesion
Stripped of her title and driven from her home, Anfitrytte journeys into unknown country. A curse promptly befalls her, focusing her efforts to break it. For this she will explore the wide and varied land, facing man and monster, or settling in a new home. The end of her journey is up to you.
F-ing - Art Collection
F-ing - Art Collection 292 pages | 377 megabytes
Category: Adult comics / Adult
Shaharam - Art Collection
Dude-doodle-do - Art Collection
Inceton - Summer with Mia Version 0.1
Overview: Branching story where your choices matter All renders in full HD Full Scene renders Background music​ v0.1 179 RENDERS (91 NEW RENDERS) Branching story where your choices matter All renders in full HD Full Scene renders Background music
Laplace - Noble Slave - Aristocrat Girl's Slave Training 1 Jap
A click & drag, touchy feely simulation where you sexually discipline and subdue a rebellious aristocratic girl by the name of Alicia. Tease and torment her clitoris, breasts, anus and more in your endeavor to break her! CV: Chiroru Oyama * Intuitive controls! Use the mouse to have your way with her. What you do and how fast you do it is up to
CubbyChambers - Art Collection
Knullmannen - Art Collection
Surrender milk - A Plan to Restore the Town Tias Toystore Jap
Premise It's peacetime, but the town of Shiruwa is in economic crisis. At a town meeting, Tia proposes: What if she starts selling adult goods? Game Sell stuff, do good deeds to help the town / Multiple endings (4 types) You can win the game as a virgin for virgin-points. Over 50 base CGs, more variations (not counting pose art) You can view over
This is the story of a young, male virgin who explores the wonders of youth. Specifically, experimenting with sex and drugs, but things don't go as smoothly as our protagonist might hope.
Ioula - Art Collection
Dokininja - Vis Major [v.0.48 Update] (2017) (Eng)
аbout: You’ll assume the role of a special girl – Cara. The game starts with a short introduction on where she came from. This will allow You to choose some of her skills to start with. After that, you will take control of her daily life, where she will have go on a revenge quest and uncover her origin. You will be the one to carve her path, as
Angelica Origins – Version 0.2.1 [Kelo Games]
Angelica Origins want to be a story of a normal girl in her transformation to someone special. I want you to see with her eyes what will happen to her after she reach her 18th birthday. So if you want, help me to improve my games with your advices and opinions, support me if you can to make this as a serious project to work with (I’ve already work
Second Chance - Second Chance version -
Second Chance is furry Visual Novel with Date Sim elements. It includes up to 10 different characters and up to 10 different storylines. While playing you will have a chance to open more then 30 CG scenes, which are rated 18+ and unravel the mysteries of town. Ver: (for testers) Lang: Eng (sketch translations)
Another World - God's paradise (jap)
Language of game - Japanese Story -The hero who was "God" reached himself, became a human being and enjoyed the rest of his life. However, as a great army led by Satan who knew the absence of "God" sees as an opportunity, it invades the "heavenly world" which is God's dwelling place.

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