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NFO Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female Heroine, X-Ray, Elf, Prostitution, Big Tits,Big Breasts, Oral, Footjob, Group, Anal, Crempie, Bukkake, Monsters, Giant Dick, Tentacles, Lingerie, Maid, Bunnygirl Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: PICOPICOSOFT Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Darot Games (Brothel City project) Hello, dear friends! We are happy to show you October build. As it was said before, this month was dedicated mostly to Campaign characters design but still here is the list of upgrades: First of all here is the list of Factions changes: · 1st level with Court : Now Minimum required tax amount is decreased by 5%
Mayt - Life's Journey Version 1.1Bugfix
Overview: Currently you will assume the role of 18 year old girl,who move to Los Angeles for living her dream life. Its will be a sandbox game with lots of variety events and careers planned.More countries and cities will be add as game develops with even possibility of Male Protagonist
Tori Naga circle - Mischief War Little Island Legend Version 1.03+Walkthrough English
Overview: hero family who moved to a small isolated island due to the circumstances of her husband's work. The main character (wife) who was also teaching at main island decided to teach at only one school on this remote island. But, there were ridiculous mischievous students!! Furthermore! There are few young people and few women, on this island
Overview: Brothel King is another take on Sim Brothel and gets some inspiration from other games, such as Slave maker. It's made with Ren'py, my objectives being to make a fun game with a clean UI, good art and a full back story (which isn't yet developed).​ changelog: The farm: An all new training system, with an evil bend! The farm must be
DeGross - Girl Life ver.0.7
Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: In Progress Tablet: It isn't required Language: English System requirements: OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 | HDD: 2.5 GB - New shared apartment in Pavlovsk from pchs - First date option for generic bfs from nutluck - Reworking of the Lovers system for generic bfs by Tendaris with code work from rachels - Drug
Fairy Tale Adventure version 15 from Masquerade and Patreon 2017 Eng Uncen
The game takes place in the world Asteria. Kingdom in the east, which is ruled by an evil queen. Under the brutal grip of the royal administration, groups, criminals and all sorts of associations formed for the purpose of managing a kingdom in its own way. You take on the role of a character of your own creation, taking the reins of a small group,
Agriculture Story ~Chlore & Alka’s Erotic Struggles~ [English ,Chinese]
Chlore and Alka’s parents suddenly left to go adventuring! Leaving only a note on the table… and a giant debt behind…!? What will the girls do? Well, the only thing that they can do. Work, work, work, H, H, H and ‘work’ With a farm and garden at their disposable the two are well on their way to becoming self sustaining and financially

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