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Mantix - Aurora: Urban Secret Version 0.2.1
Overview: In Aurora: Urban Secrets you will have to take on a role of the adventurer and solve all the mysteries and secrets of the Aurora Bay. During this tough adventure, you will meet a lot of good friends and dangerous enemies, you will find
SerialNumberComics - Tangled Up version 7 Beta
Here's the first version of the game. It consists of 6 days to play, not much to achieve, except few hot scenes to be unlocked by playing it right. The original idea that started this game is the conflict between sexual urges and morally acceptable
Patreon - Erotibot
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Perverteer - Sisterly Lust - Version 0.10 Bonus + Incest patch + Walkthrough
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Mac Version Download SL-010-Extra_Scenes_Edition_Mac.rar from florenfile.com (636.72 MB) Download SL-010-Extra_Scenes_Edition_Mac.rar from fboom.me (636.72 MB) Download SL-010-Extra_Scenes_Edition_Mac.rar from k2s.cc
jax63 - A Summer to Remember Version 0.03
Overview: A young man moves, to an old friend family house , to live there, for his college years. As fate demanded, he is still a virgin. Your goal is to help him through his first sexual experience's.​ So whats in it for v0.03 - the mc gets a job.
Dark Silver - Glamour – June Update v.0.3 fixes
Main character Kate lived her whole life in a small rural town with her older sister, brother, father and her strict Christian mother. But one day her family falls apart, her father leaves, and her older sister moves out to the big city. Kate is 18,
AyyaSAP - ART Collection
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WorldOfPeach - Collection
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Lust City is about a man who dies and goes to hell. He gets a chance at new life if he can corrupt and put the entire city in a "Abyss of Lust". Originally translated this for a friend not a perfect translation, but better then most provided with
ByFemfac -  Make Me Wet  v0.0.3 Win
In “Make Me Wet” you can move along a storyline and at the same time move and act freely within the game world. The characters have individual likings and attributes which are set dynamically every time you start a new game. This will make every
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Alteus - Fall of Ashenburg - Version 0.61 Win/Mac
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Mac Version Download FallOfAshenburg.app.rar from florenfile.com (822.89 MB) Download FallOfAshenburg.app.rar from fboom.me (822.89 MB) Download FallOfAshenburg.app.rar from k2s.cc (822.89 MB) Hi, my name is Alteus,
Alteus - Fall of Ashenburg Version 0.61
Hi, my name is Alteus, one of the developers of the the adult game, Fall of Ashenburg. We believe, that it is possible to create games which combine classic adventure game elements with complex combat system and high quality adult content. Our main
JWBNovels - Torrid Tales v0.2 Win/Mac
We get to follow along with many characters along the main story plus multiple side stories as well. So whats it about you ask, Without giving away to much and spoiling the story for some. A small neighborhood gets paid a visit and unknowingly
KikiLodia - Chemical Subservience Version 0.1ETER
Overview: The games follows a young student just before his first day at university. Innocent, he just arrived from his rural village. Without much money to start he accepts a place in an hormonal drug testing program set up by the university. When
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Version: Peasants Quest v1.11 It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.
Stiglet - The Visit - Version 0.3 + Incest patch Win/Mac/Android
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ Mac Version Download TheVisit.app.rar from fboom.me (389.08 MB) Download TheVisit.app.rar from florenfile.com (389.08 MB) Download TheVisit.app.rar from k2s.cc (389.08 MB) Android Version Download
The Exemplary Little Girls by Georges Levis
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[Fuusen-Club] Haha-Kangoku
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StickJump - Myxxxkin - Version Hotfix
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ RPG VX Ace RTP Download RPGVXAce_RTP.rar from fboom.me (185.76 MB) Download RPGVXAce_RTP.rar from florenfile.com (185.76 MB) Download RPGVXAce_RTP.rar from k2s.cc (185.76 MB) Gias is a Jane's son, Gaby's and Norry's
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ A story about a young man who returns to the home he grew up in after being away at college, only to find things are now very different. Follow the main character as he gets himself into many different sexual
KUGGAZER - MAX’S LIFE   v0.15 + Walkthrough 0.12
Hi, I just discovered the passion for adult games, so I thought to create one of my own. the game will be a dating sim created with Honey Select and Ren'py. The game is about Max, a boy who lives in the house with his mother and two sisters. During
Affect3D -  Elven Desires -  Distress Signal 1-2
"In a far away Alien world, Ruby responds to a distress signal from her partner. She finds him wounded, collapsed in a train. Just before she can start replenishing his energy, she gets jumped by two enemies." The story continues: "Ruby has been
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