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Hentai Mugen 2013 (eng)
Hentai Mugen 2013 Artist/Circle: ??? Language: ENGLISH
Illusion - Battle Raper (English UI)
バトルレイパー PUBLISHER: Illusion DEVELOPER: Dreams Co., Ltd. YEAR: 2002 Genre: Adult, Anime / Manga, Arcade, Fighting, Martial Arts, Versus Fighting Dialogues still in Japanese Battle Raper is a hand-to-hand combat 3D fighting game. The gameplay system
Illusion - Battle Raper II The Game + Sexy Raper DLC (English UI)
バトルアール2 PUBLISHER: Illusion DEVELOPER: Illusion YEAR: 2005 Genre: Adult, Anime / Manga, Fighting, Versus Fighting Dialogues still in Japanese Installation: 1. Extract the file 2. Mount the ISO file and Intall the game 3. Apply noDVD patch in the
MENZ STUDIO - Atelier Tia –  Version V.0.3
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/ This time you play as alchemist girl name "Tia". She live with (cute?)monster name "Poppo" in an atelier outside of the town. One day, Tia travel to the town for send alchemist items to her customers but a strange
StudioS - Monmusu Fight (eng)
モン娘★ファイト! Circle: StudioS Release: Apr/22/2017 Genre: Loli, Animalize, Slave, Rape, Futanari/Dick girl, Ryona/Brutal * MAR 07th 2018 – Updated to English Translated Version! [DLsite Official Translation] ————————————————————————- If the game does
Vortex00 - Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters  (eng)
ensorship : UNCEN Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Description: In UMCC you play as the cheerful and buxom girl, Umiya Maiko. Unknowing to her, she was chosen to shape the future of many people’s lives by being given a special hairpin that
Visit http://fapadultgames.com/
Taboolicious - Almastriga Build 7
Overview: Take control of big breasted mannequin as you battle dastardly evil monsters with your spear of justice through a dungeon of madness in this one stage tech demo! (No actual overview yet since it is so early in development)​
Dan's Hentai Mugen (eng)
Year of production: 2008 Genre: Fighting, Straight, Blowjob, Futanari, Group Sex, Milk, Titsjob, Yuri, Angels, Demons, Maids, Neko, Striptease, Tentacles Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove Developer: One enthusiast Platform: PC /
This is the [Full] version containing all the X-rated elements. Another ACT game of crafty ladies comes! An One x Shota (Elder girls x Younger boy) fighting action only with mouse control, for masochist male players. In this action game, you control
K 515 - Lustbane: Adventurers Tales V0.7 WIN/MAC
ver 0.7: - Character creation and customization - New hairstyles added - New ears added - You may change party members apperance at shopkeeper house. - Traits system added. Each character has one trait. Traits are changing characters stats. You may
FireAmethyst - MUGEN Sailor Sex (eng)
Year of manufacture: 2018 Release date: 2018/07/19 Genre: Fighting, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Futanari, Monsters, Tentacle, Rape, Enema, Scat, Pregnant, Peeing, Yuri, Vore Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove Developer / Publisher:
StudioS - Ultra Strip Fighter iv Omeco Edition (jap)
ウルトラストリップファイターIVオメ〇エディション / ULTRA STRIP FIGHTER IV OMECO EDITION Release date: 2015/07/16 Genre: Action, Pervert, Big Breasts, Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: StudioS Platform: PC / Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 Type of publication:
Excessm - Parade Buster Update to Parade Buster Ver.1.41 (eng)
おねショタ剣戟ACT パレードバスター Circle excessm Translator: =Together= Release Oct/01/2016 Last Modified Dec/10/2016 Genre Anime Shota Onesan/Older Girl/Older Sister Coquettish Orgy Sex Reverse Rapes *Need Locale Emulator or change system locale to Japanese An
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