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Corruption [InProgress, 0.20] (Mr.C) [2017]
Hi I am Mr.C. I’m making an adult game. Now, I’m working on a game except for my business time. Unfortunately, I am not an English speaking country, so translation may be a little strange. Please understand it.
Officer Chloe – Operation Infiltration – v0.69a [Key] [2017]
The story follows a young woman named, Chloe, on an adventure to become a great Police Officer. She comes from a bad background surrounded by abuse and neglect from her Ex-Boyfriend, Justin. She joined the academy to escape Justin, so that she could become a Police Officer and pursue an independent life without neglect and abuse.
Lidas Adventures v023 Terebonkoff uncen
Graduation year: 2016 Genre: 3DCG, ADV, Female Heroine, handjob, masturbation, NTR, Oral, RPG Censorship: None/a patch to remove Developer/Publisher: Terebonkoff Platform: PC/Windows Publication type: Pirates (unofficial) Medicine: Not required Version: v.0.23 Language games: English System requirements (minimum): CPU Intel Pentium4 2.0 GHz ::
Drunknescafe New Paths v009B 2017
Graduation year: 2017 Genre: Ren'py, Adult game, Rpg, 3DCG, Adventure, Sexy Girl, Big Tits, Big Ass, All sex, Blowjob, Corruption, Mind Control, Humilation, Shower Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: Drunknescafe Type of publication: In Progress Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Medicine: not required System requirements: OS: Win
InProgress Poolside Adventure Version 01 2017
Graduation year: 2017 Genre: RPG, 3dcg, erotic adventure, sexy girls, Big Tits, big ass, sex, Blowjob, doggystyle, hardcore sex, seduction, Voyeur Language: English Version: 0.1 Censorship: No System requirements (minimum): OS Windows, hard disk 500 MB Description: Poolside adventure massive role-playing game with open world and a variety of
Rena is an SLG game where you live in a colorful town. You will be a girl who need to work to earn lot of money to repay the debt. Through the upgrading of the ability to open many story. You can Cosplay and collect more CG.
HD images - 1280*720 ; - Choice system - different choices can influence gameplay; - Animated scenes; - A captivating story line; - Exciting characters; - Humorous scenes; Planning to add: - More ingame sounds; - Quest journal; - Quest rewards; - Sandbox areas; - More images ; - More animated scenes.
Date: 7 March, 2017 Language: English Version: 0.4 Censored: No Info: It's about a woman who is moving in a new city to live with her fiance, David. He just got a new job there and asked Elena to move in with him and his son, Brad. Elena already has a doughter, Kaley, who just got into college. David is working hard, so that he can save some money
Date: 31.12.2016 Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 New Episode 2 Version 0.4a Language: English Now a few words about Stranded Ep2 : Has three animated scenes, character trackers working correctly (might change the aspect in the future, not very proud of them also they are only for the girls), persuasion event working

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