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Plot: In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to
NLT Media – A Sunday Schooling
Taboolicious – Family Values 2
vaultra - Dark shards: way of seduction version 0.1
You will find yourself in a fantasy world. You have to go through a lot of events. You will learn the past of his father, will meet new friends and enemies, will be able to find love or some fun. Find your way in this unusual and dangerous world.
UberPie -  Family Tales Version 0.01B
In "Family Tales" you will see the story of a regular guy with a split personality and his journey in a small town where almost every common citizen has his uncommon dark side. Dozens of characters with their families and relations, an original story, lots of side quests and a lot of adult art awaits you!
DPMaker - Queen's Brothel Alpha v0.2.2rev3
Overview: Queen's Brothel is a RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. You can attract various clients through quests by leveling up certain body parts that they are attracted to. Complete quests to add more girls to your brothel!​
SinYasha - Mittu X Sixus Version 1.1
Overview: A man and six girls team up against a secret cult that wish to use them in a ritual to summon a cosmic horror.​
Dofantasy Fansadox Cagri - War Reporters
Dofantasy Fansadox Fernando - Space Pirates
Dofantasy Fansadox Heather - Abduction
Dofantasy Fansadox Cagri - Escape 1
Dofantasy Fansadox Templeton - Evil Crew 1
Dofantasy Fansadox Cagri - Mexican Backyard
Dofantasy Fansadox Templeton - The Convent 1
Dofantasy Fansadox  Zionezo - The Galley
Dofantasy Fansadox Ferres - Masque
Dofantasy Fansadox  Roberts - Dark Cabin
Dofantasy Fansadox Fernando - Convent Assault
Dofantasy Fansadox  Cagri - Black Summer
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