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Amazon Soul 01-04

Category: Adult comics / 3D
Artist: Unknown
Pages: 0
Size: 40 Mb.

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distribution Type: Comix
Format: JPG
English language
Year: 2000-2005
Number of pages per issue: 10-14
Resolution: 990x634

It is year 69 of the 6th millennium. The Women Federation controls the galaxy and no living man has been seen since the "Great Epidemic" which took place centuries ago. The Federation rules over a few hundred planets inhabited exclusively by female civilizations. So many years have passed... Slowly, the appearance of these mythical males is disappearing from the collective memory of the women. A strange void is all that remains, a subconscious uneasiness, a secret desire buried deep in the Amazon soul...

Everything begins with an unbelievable message received by our sexy sci-fi heroine, the beautiful Mika Amore. The Federation entrusts her with the mission of going to the strontium mine where, ccording to reliable sources, a man has been seen... And so begins the Mika's mythical quest, the search for this rare "animal", this missing member of humanity.

However, a major obstacle is in the way of our scifi heroine. The Machiavellian Karma Shootra, High Priestess of a rebel sect, wants to become the Black Queen of the universe. The sexy villain wishes to capture the curious male specimen at all costs. She will use any kind of ploy to obtain what she wants.

From this race towards "the male" will be born fantastic, exotic and erotic adventures in an interactive adult comic format. ...And the futur world, this female universe, will forever be changed by the unbelievable encounter with the last man alive, the very virile and sought after space pirate.

Extras. Information: Erotic comics with elements of video animation made using motion capture technology. Apparently, the project closed in 2005, the most interesting place.

The film stars

Mika Amore


Amazon Soul 01-04 Amazon Soul 01-04 Amazon Soul 01-04 Amazon Soul 01-04 Amazon Soul 01-04
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